M. J. Electric takes subcontractor selection very seriously and considers many factors before making a decision. We have established systems to determine the qualities of subcontractors we use. Just as our customers want us to have the knowledge, experience, and resources to complete their projects, we consider aspects such as similar project experience, past performance, insurability, and safety record to determine our selection of a subcontractor. One of the most important attributes to consider is the subcontractor’s commitment to safety. Our safety programs are applicable to all subcontractors we employ and are built into the terms of their subcontract agreement.

Partnering with subcontractors who share our high expectation for quality, safety, integrity, and customer service is critical to the success of each project. We are committed to maintaining and improving long term relationships with the subcontractors that work with our company. While M. J. Electric utilizes many repeat subcontractors due to a safe and efficient history, all subcontractors are required to:

  • Provide all basic company information, including business organization type, certifications, labor agreement affiliations, and license numbers
  • Complete execution of industry standard terms and conditions in the form of a subcontract agreement
  • Complete an M. J. Electric, LLC financial and business prequalification, when necessary
  • Provide evidence of M. J. Electric or Owner minimum levels of proper insurance coverage
  • Provide evidence of a current and prior safety culture and history with detailed information on their safety performance, safety programs, and any accidents or fatalities occurring in the last five years. Subcontractor shall submit the following safety documents to M. J. Electric, LLC
    • Written Safety and Health Programs
    • Written Hazard Communications Program and appropriate MSDS
    • Written Substance Abuse Program
    • Documentation of the Safety Representatives training
    • MJE Subcontractor Safety Qualification Form
    • OSHA 300 Log for 3 previous years
    • EMR ratings for the past three years
    • Documentation of employee safety training (if requested)
  • Comply with and practice minimum safety requirements of M. J. Electric’s policy as well as with the policies of the Owner
  • Provide information on any job awarded that was not completed, and any pending or previous legal judgments, claims, or arbitrations and/or suits, against them or their officers
  • Requirements of Owner regarding SBE and DBE qualified subcontractors and or mentoring program.

M. J. Electric holds our subcontractors to high performance standards. We have specific criteria to evaluate every subcontractor’s safety and performance at the end of every project. A Subcontractor Performance Evaluation Form is completed after construction is finished to rate the subcontractor. The primary goal for the evaluation is to keep unqualified subcontractors from being involved in our future projects. This process ensures that we only work with subcontractors who share our high standards and values and are committed to providing safe and superior quality construction on every project.

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