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In today’s budget- and time-constrained business environment, the benefits of energized transmission services cannot be overstated. These services enable utilities to avoid costly purchased power, wheeling charges, and scheduling dilemmas. M. J. Electric can maintain, upgrade, or rebuild virtually any voltage line – without interrupting the flow of power to consumers relying on it.

M. J. Electric utilizes specialized techniques and technologies to complete energized projects more efficiently and cost-effectively. M. J. Electric crews have extensive experience in traditional hot stick and barehand energized techniques in addition to the proprietary LineMaster Robotic Arm technology. The LineMaster Robotic Arm safely and securely holds energized power lines while transmission lines and towers are being maintained, reconductored, rebuilt, or adding lines.

Personnel safety is paramount while performing energized line work. Using the Robotic Arm, in combination with hot sticks, provides additional clearance to allow barehanded work on lower voltage lines with limited phase-to-ground and phase-to-phase clearances. This cutting edge technology provides significant advantages for worker safety and efficiency while offering particular value for customers with a critical dependency on a single flow path.

All types of repairs and maintenance, including structure change outs, reconductoring, emergency repairs, and equipment replacement can be performed with the line energized avoiding the issue of congestion and taking the facility off-line. MJE’s energized services will:

  • Enable upgrade relief to congested paths without adding to congestion by scheduling outages
  • Enable Reuse of Existing Right-of-Way
  • Reduce Matting and Footprints in Wetlands Areas
  • Maintain Energy Revenues
  • Reduce operational costs and delays of line switching and grounding
  • Enable emergency repairs to generator switchyards without plant outage
    • Avoid costs of shutdown, restart, and replacement purchase power

These innovative techniques allow our crews to provide quicker project completion with less interruption to customers resulting in bottom line savings. With established energized work techniques and the proprietary robotic arm technology, we can create safer, more efficient work environments with no need for outages.

Energized Services PROJECTS

Reconductor Project

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Customer: ComEd

Owner: Exelon

Reconductor 3.5 miles of transmission line with 1113 KCMIL T2 bundle conductor as well as installati...

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Energized Services

QA/QC Transmission Line Inspection

Location: Iberville Parish County, Louisiana

Customer: Irby Construction

Owner: Irby Construction

The UAV field crew performed a quality assurance/quality control transmission line inspection for Ir...

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Energized Services

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