Roots in the Pulp & Paper Industry

Since our first pulp and paper project in 1962, MJE has successfully completed major projects as well as maintained full time maintenance contracts in several mills across various states. We are highly regarded in the Pulp and Paper Industry due to our intimate knowledge of the process involved and our commitment to excellence and efficiency. Our construction supervisors take pride in our ability to develop solutions to deliver the highest standards of quality while meeting the most demanding budgets and schedules

We are accustomed to the needs and critical challenges of keeping a plant in continuous operation. With many projects involving extremely tight shutdown schedules, we understand the need to implement processes to reduce downtime and are prepared to support both major and small turnarounds in a timely and cost effective manner. Our goal is to exceed our clients demanding schedule, quality, safety and cost reduction goals

Safety is a perpetual concern at pulp and paper facilities. Hazardous materials and locations throughout the plants accentuate the need for strict safety policies and procedures. MJE consistently maintains an exemplary safety record for both on-line and off-line maintenance and construction throughout industrial facilities.

MJE is an expert at handling all phases of any construction project. Our vast experience encompasses new construction and expansions as well as routine maintenance, and everything in between including:

  • New Paper Machines
  • Paper Machine Rebuilds
  • Tissue Machines
  • Supercalenders
  • Drives, Winders & Coaters
  • Coating Kitchens
  • Distributed Control Systems
  • Roll Handling Systems
  • Evaporators
  • Recovery Boilers
  • On-Site Mill Maintenance
  • Shutdown & Outage Work
  • Start-up & Checkout Assistance


Renewable Diesel Co-Processing Project

Location: Dickinson, ND

Customer: Andeavor

Owner: Andeavor

Electrical and instrumentation construction at Andeavor’s North Dakota Refinery. Construction incl...

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IPC Division

Salem Harbor Station

Location: Boston, MA

Customer: Kenny Construction

Owner: Footprint Power

Electrical construction in the new Salem Harbor Station. This 674 MW natural gas-fired 2 x 2 quick s...

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IPC Division

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