Energized Removal of Broken Bus

DATE: 08.29.16

MJE was asked by Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) to assess and remedy a “hot” removal of a 34 kV three foot broken bus without breaking the minimum approach distance. The broken bus was only held by a braided wire connected to the high side of the bravo phase fuse disconnect. If the braided wire broke, the bus section would fall onto the energized potential transformers below resulting in a bus lockout. MJE developed a safe work plan which included PPE use, identification of potential hazards, hazard mitigation, a description of the hot sticks, and the detailed step-by-step role of the three person work crew. MJE performed this work flawlessly and safely by good use of peer check and three part communication. Positive control of the separated bus section was maintained at all times. ComEd sent their thanks and appreciation to the crew members and MJE for a job well done.

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