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 Overhead Transmission Code
Travel Time (Any Mobilization)  T1 
Site Set Up  TPE 
Framing Poles  TFR 
Set Poles  TPS 
Climbing Pole  TCP 
Working on Street or Road  TSW 
Pulling Rope  TWP 
Pulling Wire  TWW 
Sagging and Clipping Wire  TWCS 
Wire Removal  TRW 
Pole Removal  TRP 
Hot Sticking  THS 
Load Materials  T1A 
Pole Topping/Cutting  TPT 
 Overhead Distribution Code
Mobilization & Demobilization 
Loading Materials  1A 
Working On Street Or Road Side Set Up  DPW/DWW 
Framing And Setting Poles  DFR/DPW1 
Framing And Setting Poles In Easement  DFR/DPW 
Climbing And Working On Poles  DFR/DPW/DJW 
Pulling Ropes  DWWR 
Pulling Wire  DWW 
Sagging And Clipping Wire  DWWS 
Transferring Conductors For Clearance  DHA/DJW 
Transferring Loads  DJW 
Removing Old Wire  DRW 
Removing Old Poles  DRP 
Testing and Grounding  TEST/DGR 
Equipment  EQUIP 
Miscellaneous  MISC 
Arrestors  ARR 
Pole Topping/Cutting  DPT 
 Substation Code
Weather  WGT 
Concrete Foundations  250 
Site Preparation  510 
Trenwa/Concrete Cable Trench  713 
Above Grade Conduit Installation  720 
Erect Steel Structures  200 
Ground Grid Installation  800 & 850 
Control Cable Installation  730 
Control Cable Termination  750 
Bus Work  400 
Final Grading & Stone Yard Surfacing  513 
Set Transformers  360 
Set Breakers  370 
Set Switches  350 
Set Apparatus  320 
Yard Surface Sterilization  510 
Testing & Commissioning  152 
Livening  152 
Mobilization & Demobilization  111 
Material Handling  112 
Control House Items  600 
Below Grade Conduit Installation  710 
Duct Bank  790 
Housekeeping  HGT 
 Underground Code
Mobilization  U1MOB 
Job Set-up  U2JSU 
Trenching/Excavation  U3TEX 
Manholes  U4MAN 
Terminating  U5TERM 
Cable Installation  U6CAINST 
Energizing/Switching  U7ENSU 
Splicing  U8SPL 
 Tool Control Code
Loading 4 x 4 Boxes  SRBL 
Pulling 4 x 4 Boxes & Major Tools  SRBP 
Loading / Unloading Trucks  SRTL 
Loading / Unloading Trucks  SRHL 
Loading / Unloading Power Centers  SRPCL 
Load Preparation  SRPL 
Certification / Calibration  SRCC 
Receiving  RCV 
Repairing  RPR 
Testing  TST