Fostering a Culture of Safety

M. J. Electric is committed to providing a safe work environment for its employees and ensuring the safety of the public. This commitment will be manifested in all aspects of business decision making. Systems and programs that support this element include a clearly defined safety policy, active and visible management support, and participation in safety activities, as well as rewards and recognition. We review and incorporate the customer’s safety program with ours so the customer is assured we will satisfy all of their safety concerns. We will integrate all personnel and subcontractors into our comprehensive program and continue to improve by adopting and sharing best practices with others in the construction industry.

We look at each task, identity the potential hazards, and mitigate those hazards every day. M. J. Electric requires management/supervisory personnel to conduct safety inspections and file safety reports, review incidents with supervisory and field personnel as necessary and see that corrective action is taken immediately. Management/supervisory personnel are required to have a working knowledge of the laws pertaining to safety and their requirements, thoroughly investigate all incidents, and ensure that immediate corrective actions are taken.

From the President through first-line supervisors to employees, improved safety performance depends upon making all levels of employees accountable for Safety & Health by making safety part of each employee’s job responsibility.

Safety Management System

Our Safety Management System (SMS) clearly emphasizes to our employees that they are responsible for their safety actions, and we reinforce this point on each project. Peer and management reinforcement supports the continual improvement of one of the best safety records in the industry with an OSHA incident rate less than one half of the industry average. In summary, safety is every employee’s responsibility.

We recognize that employee education is the cornerstone in the prevention of accidents and near misses. Training is an essential element of the SMS to ensure skills are commensurate to assigned roles and responsibilities. Our employee training will be performed in a variety of venues including formal classroom training as required by OSHA regulation, strategically incorporated safety/health training sessions, and structured pre-job safety briefings/tailgate sessions. As a subsidiary of Quanta Services, M. J. Electric also has access to a world-class training facility at Quanta’s Lazy Q Ranch. Qualifications and refresher training are tracked through our Safety, Health & Environmental Department to ensure that the qualified resources are available to safely and efficiently deliver construction services.

It is paramount that the subcontractors we utilize have our same philosophy and work practices in delivering safe quality productive work to our customers. Our safety programs are applicable to all subcontractors we employ and is built into the terms of their subcontract agreement. M. J. Electric has established systems to determine the qualities of subcontractors and suppliers that we choose to use. M. J. Electric evaluates every subcontractor’s safety and performance at the end of a project to make decisions regarding future work. This will ensure that we work only with those who share our high standards and values.

M. J. Electric’s proactive approach to safety has led to numerous national and project-based safety awards.

M. J. Electric is proud to be one of the leaders in the industry in safety performance and programs. We believe that there is no job that is too important or too big that is worth an employee getting hurt.

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