Operations Talent On-Boarding Program and Internship Opportunities

DATE: 06.30.16

OPERATIONS TALENT ON-BOARDING PROGRAM -- MJE has developed a comprehensive on-boarding program. This program targets newly hired personnel and directs them through a clearly outlined career and developmental plan. The program is designed to rotate the employees through various positions in the company including project controls, estimating, purchasing, field engineering, and safety. In doing this, it supplies the employees with the necessary training, skills, on-the-job knowledge, experience, and professional growth. At the end of the rotation schedule the participants will have a diverse background of experience and a well-rounded view of our industry. MJE currently has four employees involved in the on-boarding program. Tony Gartland, one of the participants, feels the program has been a great experience. He has found value in meeting a variety of people across the company; he has learned a great deal from each one of them. Josh McCole, another participant, had similar thoughts in that the program has connected him to the company’s office support systems while being hands on in the field. Josh is thankful to have made exceptionally supportive employee connections throughout his learning process. Both Tony and Josh are looking forward to what the future holds for them as the program continues. MJE is excited about the on-boarding program and its benefit to the current and future employees. Pictured below are the current participants involved in the program. INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES -- MJE has developed an internship program. This summer eleven young adults joined MJE’s staff and interned in areas including engineering, accounting, business, fleet and equipment, and information technology. By offering internships MJE is able to reach out to young talent and familiarize them with our culture, tools, and processes in hopes of their future return. The program is an excellent way to cultivate, develop, and recruit driven students that will become the industry’s future workforce. Jeff Gregory, now starting his senior year at Michigan Technological University for Engineering and Business Management, interned with MJE Drilling. Jeff said, “Upon completion of this internship it has solidified my desire to become a project manager. I enjoy seeing the work that is being performed benefit different communities. I enjoy the construction and electrical industry and believe it would be a good fit for me.” We thoroughly believe in this process and we wish all of our interns well in their future careers.

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