Quanta Services’ AED Program

DATE: 09.30.16

Quanta Services is a team of entities operating with the efficiencies of one powerful company. With over 25,000 employees they believe their people are their greatest asset. Quanta values each life and will go to great lengths to protect the lives of every member of the Quanta family as well as the general public. Years ago one of Quanta’s operating units had an event occur where a life was saved using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Quanta took notice and realized this device could save more lives if every operating unit had AEDs available. As a result Quanta began purchasing AEDs in 2011. To date, over $8,000,000 has been spent implementing an AED program throughout their operating units across the nation. Over 5,500 units have been purchased, saving 16 lives thus far; five of which were employees saving someone from the general public. Quanta has experienced benefits that far outweigh the program’s cost because of the supreme value of a person’s life. Quanta’s Board of Directors and Executive Management Team will continue to lead the way in this endeavor and Quanta Services will continue to purchase additional Physio Control LIFEPAK CR Plus AED units for all of their operating units. To read more about Quanta’s Safety Mission, visit http://www.quantaservices.com/safety.

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