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Power Delivery

M. J. Electric excels in the skills required to provide construction services on the power grid and has demonstrated that ability by completing a wide range of projects nationwide. In addition to traditional methods, we have access to specialized techniques and technologies, such as energized services, to complete projects more efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.



After constructing thousands of miles of transmission lines, we understand what it takes to make a project successful. That experience allows us to find innovative approaches and provide planning and cost-effective solutions to complex transmission projects. We have developed long-term strategic relationships with our customers to provide added value to their portfolio of work.

We have installed and maintained of all sizes and types of transmission lines in even the most challenging terrains and circumstances. With specialized equipment, state-of-the-art technology, and energized services, we offer solutions to address the unique needs of utilities.

  • Overhead & Underground
  • Line Relocations
  • Reconductoring
  • Pole & Tower Erection
  • OPGW Installation
  • Energized Services


We construct and maintain overhead and underground distribution systems for electric utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives. Considerable planning is necessary to manage distribution systems in terms of safety, operation, budget, environmental concerns, and coordination with government agencies. Even when working in critical outages or constrained schedules, we provide safe, quality construction delivered on time and within budget.

The need for fewer interruptions in service require specialized equipment and innovative techniques. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows work on distribution systems with no interruption to power delivery. We also have the expertise to help utilities successfully convert from a standard distribution grid to a smart grid for enhanced power delivery.

  • Pole Sets/Replacements/Transfers
  • Line Upgrades, Reconductoring, Conversions
  • Make-Ready Work for Communication Infrastructure
  • Make-Ready Network/Mesh Communications System Upgrades
  • Transformers/Capacitors/Switches
  • Primary & Secondary Fault Repair
  • Equipment Installation
  • Directional Boring
  • Distribution Automation & Switches
  • Radio & Antenna Installations
  • Energized Services
  • Conversion to Smart Grid


We can maintain, upgrade, or rebuild virtually any voltage line – without interrupting the flow of power to consumers. All types of repairs and maintenance, including structure change outs, reconductoring, emergency repairs, and equipment replacement can be performed with the line energized avoiding the issue of congestion and taking the facility off-line.

During energized conditions, we use established hot stick and barehand energized techniques and the proprietary LineMasterTM Robotic Arm. This cutting-edge technology provides significant advantages for worker safety and efficiency as well as value for customers with a critical dependency on a single flow path.

Personnel safety is paramount. Our position as a subsidiary of Quanta Services is a key differentiator in safely providing energized services. Our energized crews receive extensive specialized training and oversight from Quanta’s Energized Service Group to ensure we deploy the most effective tools and procedures in the industry.

  • Upgrade Relief to Congested Paths without Scheduling Outages
  • Reuse of Existing ROW
  • Reduce Matting and Footprints in Wetlands
  • Reduce Operational Costs and Delays of Line Switching and Grounding
  • Emergency Repairs to Generator Switchyards without Plant Outage
  • Avoid Costs of Shutdown, Restart, and Replacement Purchase Power


We have an industry-wide reputation as the single source solution to all your substation construction and maintenance needs. From new installations to general maintenance, expansion, and rebuild work, we have successfully completed construction on hundreds of high-voltage, switchyard, and interconnect substations in locations ranging from remote environments to dense urban areas nationwide.

Our experience allows us to complete all facets of substation construction from site preparation to energization including installation of apparatus and equipment, tubular and cable bus, relaying and controls, and everything in between.

  • GIS, AIS, Interconnect, HVDC
  • SVC and FACTS System Construction
  • Foundations/Site Work/Fencing
  • Structural Steel
  • Transformer Installation and Maintenance
  • Large Transformer/Equipment Moves and Logistics
  • Above/Below Grade Raceway and Grounding
  • SCADA Installations
  • Assistance in Obtaining Permits
  • Construction Drawings and Cost Estimates
  • EPC Project Management


Damaged infrastructure presents challenging conditions, but our crews will work swiftly and safely to restore power to our customers and other utilities. Our experience gives us the knowledge to successfully perform fast-track projects to repair critical power delivery systems.

We can rapidly deploy crews to respond to hurricanes, ice storms, tornadoes, floods, and other natural disasters nationwide. In addition to our capabilities, we have the extensive resources of our parent company Quanta Services to help respond to any request for assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Line Rebuilds & Relocations
  • Energized Pole Replacements
  • Transmission 69 kV to 765 kV
  • Distribution 4 kV to 64 kV