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Quanta Commitment Coins

General Foreman Matt Erdody, Journeyman Substation Technician Jerry Blodgett, and General Foreman Brad Glasgow were all awarded Quanta Commitment Coins for their safety leadership.  All three used their Stop Work Authority to prevent a potential STKY event on their jobsite.

When conducting a critical safety assessment of OPGW splicing activities, Matt recognized potential hazards and used his Stop Work Authority to perform the immediate corrections. Matt’s actions reinforced MJE’s culture of coaching and helping correct the issues once they are identified.

Jerry exercised his Stop Work Authority to challenge the sequence of equipotential grounds being installed at a substation.  His recognition of, and response to, the hazard prevented exposing a fellow employee to a potentially fatal or STKY hazard.

By utilizing his Stop Work Authority, Brad prevented his crew from working outside M. J. Electric’s scope which could have resulted in a safety hazard. Because the tasks were not in our scope, we did not have the proper training and test equipment to perform these tasks.

We commend Brad, Jerry, and Matt for their continued commitment to ensure everyone goes home safely.